Are you an Honorably Discharged Veteran or Surviving Spouse?  Do you Qualify for this Hidden Benefit?

Metro-Detroit Certified Elder Law Attorney Reveals the Suprising Benefit Available to Honorably Discharged Veterans and their Surviving Spouses to Help Pay the Cost of Assisted Living or Home Health Care.

Inside you'll learn:

  1. How you may qualify for a benefit of up to $2,054 per month, tax free!  And how the widow of a veteran may qualify for a benefit of over $1,000 per month.

  2. Learn how to protect your eligbility for Medicaid, should you need long-term nursing home care.

  3. The asset and income rules that you must meet in order to become eligible.  Note: if you try to handle this on your own with the VA or a veteran service organization, they might not share the insider secrets to qualification.

  4. How making gifts to your children can make you inelgible for goverment benefits...and the steps you should take right now, BEFORE YOU APPLY TO THE VA, to make sure you don't harm your chances of qualifying.

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